How do I proceed with electrical faults in my Skoda Fabia?

I drive a Skoda Fabia. I notified you in April when various electrics failed, including the dashboard electrics, and caused the engine to suddenly cut out. The garage subsequently examined the car but could find no fault. Two months later a section of the dashboard display failed and a new part was fitted - I don't know what. This week a number of dashboard warning lights started to come on and go off for no reason. I took the car to the dealer who photographed the dashboard display with one of the warning lights illuminated and the car is booked in for examination next week. However this has not yet recurred and I suspect that the garage will report that they cannot find a fault. It seems obvious that three failures of the dashboard electrics in eight months is not a coincidence and that there must be an underlying problem. How do you think it would be best to proceed?
I can't remember if the car is under warranty or not. But this seems to me to be an earthing issue. Either the main battery earth/ground strap to the body or an earth between the dashboard components to the body. If the main earth/ground between the battery and the car body fails then the car will stop. Could be something as simple (and as daft) as too much paint between the ground strap and the battery.
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