Should I sell my high mileage Subaru?

I own a 2008 Subaru Outback 2.0-litre diesel. I am the second owner of the car which has now done 180,000 km. Everything has been perfect so far, but there are 3 big non-official Subaru repair shops in my country which all say to sell this car due to the famous big problems with the broken crankshaft. Last month, after I did a lot of research about this problem, there are two big mysteries I have found: 1. Subaru never comments on the problem. FHI has not given a single detailed official information about the problem. 2. Due to the first point, there's never been any statistics of how many Subaru diesels are sold all over the world and how many of them have been diagnosed with broken crankshaft at how many miles. Moreover I wonder if there is anything that can be done to prevent that from happening instead of regular servicing and driving with premium diesel fuel because these actions have proven to be inefficient to combat the problem. Is it inevitable for all Subaru 2008 diesel engines and should I sell it as soon as possible? If the answer to my last question number is yes, shouldn't that have turned into a worldwide scandal that discredited Subaru diesel engines and how have FHI managed to hide that for 8 years.
180,000 kilometres is a reasonable life for any modern engine, but not a great life, and does not fit the legendary reliability of the old Subaru belt cam petrol flat fours that were known to hit 1 million kilometres plus. We have no more data on crankshaft failure than we have recorded from reader reports here: But it seems to be quite common. If I was you I'd be nervous and I'd try to sell the car.
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