Is there a known problem with the Toyota Yaris' steering?

Not so much a question, more a case of strange advice. I have been a vehicle technician for over forty years. Two months ago my daughter bought a brand new Toyota Yaris and from day one (the day I road tested it) on full lock reversing from my drive it makes a noticeable metallic thud from the offside front. I inspected it on my MOT ramp and could see it was the front coil spring coils rubbing together, then separating when the car moved on full lock. The spring no longer have insulation between the coils at the top and bottom of the springs. My daughter took it to the dealer with the complaint, having had the car all day they told her "all Yaris' do that." Don't Toyota realise that if metal rubs against metal for long enough, it has to break? Another case of modern day in built obsolescence, hope the five year warranty covers the springs, although I doubt it.
Thank you for that. I agree, coil springs should be pigtailed so even if there is movement in the suspension bushes, this should not happen. But you are not supposed to use "full lock" on any car, especially one with front wheel drive or four wheel drive for the sake of the driveshaft CV joints. You could argue that, if that is the case, the lock stops should be moved and I'd agree. Mercedes-Benz is also having big problems with its GLC that hops and skips at the front when "full lock" is applied. Mercedes-Benz blames the stiffness of the sidewalls of the tyres fitted, so has deleted the runflat option, but the problem still seems to remain.
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