Skoda Yeti diesel performance after emissions fix

Our Skoda Yeti 140PS diesel 4WD six-gear manual was tested on a dynamometer to provide the power and torque output graphs before and after the 'cheat' software upgrade. The Yeti had the same grade supermarket diesel and the engine was warm. The test was performed on both occasions in third gear, as for technical reasons it cannot be done in a higher gear. Hence the torque was lower than the manufacturer's figure but the power output is the true value. In any case, the test conditions were identical. The power output before was 137.2 HP before the update and 139.8 HP after, although the difference was trivial. Of more importance is the very close match of both the torque and power curves, although there is a difference of about plus 300rpm with the new software before reaching the same start point for power and torque. I'll be monitoring the fuel consumption closely, but I achieved 48mpg before the change and 47mpg after, although I was pushing the car hard to check on acceleration, which subjectively was just as good as before. So in conclusion, no noticeable change and I'm very happy. Incidentally the only 'perk' I received was a goody bag with a Skoda mug, notebook, a keyring and a pen and not even a valet! If any problems do arise, I'll give you an update.
Really useful information. Thank you. The fact the engine needs 300rpm more before delivering peak torque explains why so many Tiguan owners were complaining of a 'rattling' noise between 1400 and 1800rpm. They must have been shifting up at the same revs as before the software fix, but at a point where the fix has left insufficient torque.
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