Should I get rid of my 2002 BMW 320d and replace it with something newer?

I am dithering about whether to replace my 2002 BMW 320d Touring, which I have had from new, has 110,000 on the clock and has given me little trouble. It still returns 54mpg. Do you think it is sensible to keep it until it starts to cost money, or to change it now when it has a bit of value for something possibly more efficient? To some extent the dilemma is due to the fact that I cannot readily think of a good replacement. I would aim to spend up to £20,000 including the BMW. I would prefer an estate to allow for the dog, golf clubs and trolley, and also annual ski trips to the Alps, so it should be relatively good in snow.
Expensive things will fail on the 320d, like the turbo bearing oil seals and the dual mass flywheel, so it's probably best to get out while the going's good. Maybe swap to a BMW X1 4WD, but all cars are better in snow on winter compound tyres.
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