Automatic gearboxes and towing - what do I need to know?

Could you tell me what I need to look out for on my Volvo XC60 when towing a 1500kg caravan? The car has the eight-speed automatic gearbox, will I need to fit a gearbox air cooler and change the gearbox fluid on a regular basis?
Yes, both of these. Volvo originally designed the transmission oil cooler as modular, so its capacity could be increased. I don;t know if it still it, but if it isn't you need a bigger oil cooler. You may also need additional engine cooling , such as an extra fan if it does not already have two. And change the transmission fluid every 3 years. If there is a dipstick (probably not) the simple check is that the fluid should be pink at best and red at worst. If it's black, it's burned and needs replacing. You also need to remember to idle the turbo/turbos for a couple of minutes whenever you stop after towing to keep oil flowing through the bearings while the turbo cools from almost read hot.
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