Uneven brake pad wear on Honda Civic Tourer

My wife's 2015 Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 diesel has just had a 25,000 mile service. The dealer found the rear brake pads to be 70 per cent worn on both inner brake pads. The outers were 40 per cent worn. The front pads were only worn down 40 per cent, with even wear on inner and outer. Any idea why the rear pads have worn so much? I thought the front pads should be worn down more than the rear. The last service was at 7000 miles in March this year and the pads were only worn by 10 per cent. Any help would be appreciated.
These have lever type parking brakes, so it can't be an electromechanical parking brake dragging. I'd guess probably because the rear brakes only do about 5 per cent of a car's braking, overnight rust does not get cleaned off as well as the fronts and that creates friction that wears the pads unevenly.
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