Buying a used Audi A4 diesel - should I get the EGR valves cleaned?

I'm buying a 2013 Audi A4 diesel with 110,000 miles on clock. I always use Shell V Power diesel and do 30,000 miles driving a year. I intend to keep the car for three years and intend to get my mechanic to clean the EGR valves. Is it a simple job? Are there any risks in getting this EGR valves cleaned or shall I not bother?
They're fragile. Could break. Cost about £350. Dealers charge £1000 to replace them. If you can get out of buying this car, I would. It's still subject to the VAG NOx recall and the fix hasn't worked in some cases. It's a belt cam engine needing a new belt, tensioner and waterpump every 60k miles. Definitely not a low maintenance car.
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