Buying a Fiat 500 - hardtop or convertible?

I am interested in the Fiat 500C (TwinAir) but am worried about the maintenance of the fabric roof. I live on a street with lots of trees which drop honeydew in the early summer. I am an OAP and would look to employ a valeting company to help with reproofing etc. Would it be better to choose the electric sunroof on the regular 500 instead, if there is enough headroom? Does the 500C drive any differently from the 500?
With the top open the 500C is like a proper convertible with the roof open, but less buffeting because the side structure stays in place. Massive blindspots with the roof down. test and video from 2009 (when it first came out) here:

The electric sliding glass sunroof opens on top of the car so does not compromise headroom, which is good anyway because the 500 is relatively tall. I'd go for the 500C rather than the opening glass sunroof. Companies like Renovo Ingternational make products to maintain the canvas top.
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