How often should a Fiat 500 be serviced?

I'm thinking of buying a used (three or four years old) Fiat 500 with a petrol engine. However, each one I have enquired about appears to have been serviced once after three years, or about 18k miles. This seems far too long to go without a service. Am I right in thinking that after four years the car must have a cam belt/water pump replacement?
That is far too long to go without a service. Do not buy any of these cars. Only buy one that has been serviced annually or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. On a 500 I left the timing belt and tensioner change to seven years and about 18,000 miles and only just got away with it because the waterpump had started to weep. But that remains the only fault on the car after nine and a half years. Maintained properly they can be reliable.
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