MINI Cooper (R56) timing chain failure

I bought a used (2007 model) MINI Cooper from a local dealer 10 months ago. The car has been great until now. The yellow (EML?) warning light has come on and my local garage has diagnosed it as a timing chain fault. Apparently the current one has "jumped a tooth" and I've been quoted £1900 to fix it. Looking online, it appears that the R56 timing chain issue is a massive problem. Can you offer any advice as to how I proceed from here? Will the fix eliminate this problem from happening again? And am I likely to get any (financial) help from MINI on an issue which looks like a serious design fault?
Common problem with this joint Peugeot/BMW engine, still fitted to Peugeots (but not BMWs). Dealer no longer liable because more than six months have passed since purchase. Fix should sort it out. I don't think BMW MINI will help, but if they won't then the job will be cheaper done by an independent MINI specialist.
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