Is the Volvo V50 a reliable car?

I have owned my Volvo V50 since I bought it new in 2012. The car runs fine, but I am retiring soon and wondering if it is a good car to keep for long term reliability. To date it has been dealer maintained, but am looking to use a local garage in the future as the dealer is very expensive. What maintenance costs do I need to look out for?
The 1.6 PSA/Ford engine used by Volvo does not have a brilliant history. it will need a new timing belt, tensioner at waterpump at 5 years old, but that's routine. Hopefully has a 'coated' DPF that does not require Eolys fluid. Remember always to idle the engine before switching off after long ascents and after any towing and after steady speed cruising on the motorway in Summer.
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