Audi A3 vs Honda Civic - which is the better used buy?

I am thinking of buying a used car; however, I can't decide between a 2005 Audi A3 2.0 diesel with 151,000 on the clock for £1500 or a Honda Civic (same year) with 79,000 on the clock for £1100. Can you help me decide?
If the Civic is a 1.4 petro, 1.6 petrol or 1.7 diesel it will need a timing belt, tensioners and waterpump. If it's a 2.0 litre Type S that's chain cam so it doesn't. Could be lots of expensive problems with the Audi and it, too, needs a timing belt, tensioners and waterpump if they haven[t been replaced in the last 50k miles.
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