Buying a Kia Niro - what paint protection, tyres and petrol would you recommend?

I've recently placed an order for a Kia Niro and am hoping it will be an economical, safe and reliable car for my family that won't be entirely lacking in driver satisfaction. I wanted to ask your advice on the following points before I start using the car: 1. I'm thinking it would be worth some initial outlay to keep the paintwork in good condition since I plan to keep the car for a few years. The general consensus seems to be that most paint protection offered by dealers isn't worth it. Would it be worth finding a reliable auto-detailing company to apply a protective coat, or just give the car an initial wax, and what products do you recommend? 2. I've seen some reviews criticising the level of grip available from the Michelin Energy Saver tyres fitted to the 16-inch wheels on the Niro. You seem to rate Michelin CrossClimate tyres highly - would it be worth switching to those immediately to get better grip and ride comfort or should I stick with the fitted tyres and treat myself to an upgrade when they wear out? 3. I'm running my current car on Shell V-Power Nitro+ based on your recommendations with good results for fuel economy since it's a small petrol turbo engine. Is it worth continuing with that in the Niro or should I save money and switch to normal 95 RON given it's an entirely different engine using the Atkinson cycle?
1. Yes. Have the paint protection applied aftermarket for a more sensible rate. Autoglym is good because it is guaranteed, but there are some other very high tech paint protection systems.

2. Switching from Energy Savers to Cross Climates and running them at fairly low (but legal) pressures will make a phenomenal difference: Quieter, more absorbent, smoother, better steering feel. Probably a slightly shorter tyre life but no noticeable fuel economy penalty.

3. Definitely continue with V-Power. Even more important because of the Atkinson cycle.

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