Lied to by dealer over missing service history

I bought a used Vauxhall Astra GTC last year from a main dealer. All seemed well until I brought it home and found the service history was missing. I contacted the dealer and was told it was still in the office and would be posted out to me. Weeks went by and I never got my hands on the service history and when I contacted again I was told it was lost but that a copy could be gained from the Vauxhall database. Frequent messages continued for months and I was told multiple times that it was retrievable. Last month the dealer told me that the service history would not be retrievable as it was not carried out at a Vauxhall garage. What's more, it seems two of the car's four annual services have been missed. What are my legal rights?
In that case you can reject the car because they sold the car to you under false pretences and repeatedly lied to you. Law here:
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