Are head gasket failures common on the 2007 Peugeot 307?

My local garage last week replaced the thermostat housing unit on my Peugeot 307 1.6 semi-automatic 2007 model, after I woke up one morning to find huge water loss. The car has only done just over 22,000 miles and is no longer under warranty, but the garage tells me it is showing early signs of head gasket failure. Is this a common fault on the 307 model?
No car should experience head gasket failure after 22,000 miles, in fact most cars will spend their entire lives without having head gasket failure. Why was the thermostat housing replaced? Was this a Peugeot dealership, and has the car been serviced by Peugeot? If the car has been regularly serviced by Peugeot I would suggest you go back to them, even though it's out of warranty, and ask them to rectify it. If the local Peugeot dealership says no, then get hold of the main UK customer service office and pursue them for a sympathetic warranty.
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