Buying a Fiat 500 - 1.2 petrol or TwinAir?

I am looking at changing my 2012 Fiat 500C 1.2 petrol as as I have no garage and am concerned about the fabric roof deteriorating. I would like to get another 500 but am wondering which engine to choose. Should I stick with the 1.2 (which needs a new cambelt every five years) or should I look at the TwinAir?
The TwinAir is much more fun to drive and driven hard is less economical than the 1.2. But driven economically they are neck and neck. The 1.2 belt, waterpump and tensioner change is only £300 + VAT at a decent Fiat dealer (the cheapest franchised cambelt change I've ever heard of), so isn't a worry. I've got an April 2008 1.2 Lounge and nothing has ever gone wrong with it.
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