Problems with service history

I have bought a used Ford Focus with a "Full dealership history" and indeed the service book is fully stamped up to 38k. At 37.5k the Powershift fluid should have been changed but the Ford garage who did the service have confirmed in writing that they actually did a 50k service at which the fluid change is not done. If i hadn't inquired I wouldn't have got the fluid changed for another 38k miles which wouldn't be good for the health of the box. Have I any comeback against the Ford garage who did the service for not writing in the service book that the fluid hadn't been changed as is required by the official Ford service schedule or should I just suck it up and pay for the fluid change myself?
No, because you did not pay the Ford dealer. The Powershift fluid change is not routinely carried out because the job retails at around £200 and avoiding that expense might be why the car was sold at the point it was. Your comeback is against the dealer who sold the car to you with an incomplete service history that left it vulnerable to failure.
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