Volkswagen Touareg sunroof judder

I own a 2014 Volkswagen Touareg, which suffers from a juddering sunroof. The problem occurs whenever the sunroof tilts up or down. My local dealer has told me that it requires a sunroof every two years. This is not included within the service plan and will cost an additional £189. Have you heard of this?
First I've heard of separate sunroof services. £189 every two years is off the scale. But normal services these days actually cover very little. No a/c re-gasses. No timing belt changes. No aux belt changes. Wheels not taken off. Brake fluid changes charged for separately (and often unnecessary). Basically, a garage fitter wanders around underneath banging bits with a spanner while the oil drains. And that's only if you're lucky because some service plans don't even include annual oil changes.
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