Are there any common Audi A3 faults?

My 2013 Audi A3 Sportback 1.6TDi is coming to the end of its three year warranty and it has covered almost 60,000 miles. I drive around 20,000 miles per year and am trying to decide if I should keep it for another year or sell it on. It has been fully Audi serviced and not given any problems. What could go wrong in the next 20,000 miles?
You're not far off needing to replace or have the ash cleaned out of the DPF (£300 - £1500). The EA288 1.6TDI is a million times better than the nasty old EWA189 and I have yet to hear of any EGR problems. But at 60k miles it definitely needs a fresh timing belt, tensioner and waterpump, which could be a £500 - £750 job at an Audi dealer. And the clutch and DMF won't last forever. If it needs tyres soon as well, probably time to replace with new.
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