Can you give me some advice on maintenance?

You recently provided some advice when asked if I should part-ex my 2 1/2 yr old Focus 1.6 tdci Zetec S for a new 1.0 Ecoboost on account of my car's advancing age and my decreased annual mileage (around 8k now). Unfortunately the maths isn't adding up to permit a change just yet, partly because the PCP deals on the focus are not as attractive as they were. As such I am likely to be in the position of keeping the car for another 12 months which would leave me with one more year. I currently owe about £6k on a personal loan for the car. If I am not in a position to change and the car is now reaching its third service / first MOT / warranty expiry I was hoping for some advice as to how to minimise the risk of problems with the DPF, engine and clutch as these seem to be the most commonly reported areas of significant expense. If not covered by an aftermarket warranty is there anything I can do over and above 10k/1yr dealer servicing, BP Ultimate diesel, careful use of the clutch and ensuring the car gets enough of a good run periodically to give the DPF chance to regenerate?
Use only Shell V-Power Nitro Plus or BP Ultimate diesel for the detergent additives that will help keep the injectors and the EGR clean. Replace the turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes. Never repeatedly drive the car short distances of less than 5 miles from cold unless followed by much longer runs.
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