Turbo problems with Volvo V50 - what's the cause?

I have a 2009 model Volvo V50 1.6 Drive SE (90,000 miles) which has developed turbo problems which I gather is common with this engine due to carbon buildup etc. I love the car but cannot afford to keep paying out for turbos (my local garage is very fussy about oil changes and uses a low ash synthetic oil as recommended). Do the later V50s with the eight valve engine have the same problem? I was thinking of changing my car for one of these...
If someone has been replacing the turbos without replacing the turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes that get choked with carbon, then the new turbos have been starved of oil and have failed for that reason. Either this person is incompetent or has been ripping you off. All of these Ford/PSA 1.6TDCI/HDI 110/115s have been trouble if the correct maintenance has not been carried out and particularly if they have been run on cheap diesel.
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