Oil change in a Volkswagen Golf

Since buying my Golf I immediately had an oil change done and have continued with a 5-6k oil change interval. My driving style is a mix of motorway and the urban London. Should I continue with the 5k interval oil change? With such a oil change regime at what mileage should I clean out all the oil feed pipes to the turbo, is this necessary? How often should I change the cam belt?
The oil and filter need to be changed at least every 10k miles or very 12 months. Changing the oil more frequently can do nothing but good and may delay or prevent entirely the common EGR failure on these engines. Good idea to change the oil feed and oil return pipes to the turbo entirely every four years or so because it's too difficult to clean them out. Timing belt, tensioner and waterpump every 60k miles. The timing belt is under its greatest strain first start on a cold morning. After that, not a problem. Your car will have the vastly improved manifold-in-head EA288 engine, which has a cleaner than clean bill of health.
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