Warped brakes on Polo

My daughter has just had her 10K service on her 1.2 TSI Polo with the Volkswagen dealer and she had reported a judder in the steering when braking at low speed. The service technician reported to her that there was a slight warp in the brake discs caused by braking at high speed. I can vouch that she is a careful driver and she cannot recall any incident involving severe braking to cause this warping. Volkswagen have said it is an issue not covered by warranty and is considered were and tear. Also said it was not a safety issue. Surely the discs should be better than that. What would you advise?
It's not the braking from high speed that causes the warping, it is sitting on the brakes after braking from speed or after descending a hill. If you do that, the part of the brake disc clamped by the pads cools more slowly than the rest of the disc and can cause it to warp. There is a tool that can skim the discs in situ so they run true again.
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