Volvo automatic problem

My Volvo V70 stalled approaching a junction. It restarted but would not change out of first gear. I selected manual gear change which worked, drove for a couple of miles then stopped - engaged auto box again every thing back to normal The car has covered 38000 miles from new. I am on holiday in Spain and have a long journey back to UK so am a bit concerned that it might happen again
The transmission fluid may have overheated and burned, especially if the car is overloaded or has been towing. It probably needs changing, but this needs to be done by dialysis at precisely the right temperature and pressure and I don't know how you will get a proper job done in Spain, even by a Volvo dealer. See what you can find on Google. If you are at the coast where there are a lot of expat Brits, you might find a Brit run garage, but the transmission fluid cannot simply be drained and replaced. It has to be pumped out and the fresh fluid pumped in by specialist kit.
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