Should I replace my Mazda 3 with an Audi A6 or a Honda Accord Tourer?

I currently run a 2005 Mazda 3 2-litre Sport saloon, but a new baby, labrador and broody wife mean it's time to look for an estate. With the part-ex I would get for mine (full service history, good condition and 42,000 on the clock) I have a few grand I can raise. I've narrowed my search down to two cars which appeal; an Audi A6 Avant (110 or 130bhp diesel) or a Honda Accord Tourer. I only cover around 10-12,000 a year and it's motorway miles around 75 per cent of the time. I am more than happy to go for a big miler with full service history (if it's the Audi and it's not had a belt and water pump change I'd haggle this off them). My idea is to buy a 100,000-mile A6 and keep it for five or six years, which would put it up to 160,000 miles. Servicing wouldn't be an issue as I have reliable Audi specialist locally. My heart and head say the A6, but a bit of extra advice would be appreciated.
The Accord. The A6 you mention would have to be the old model to have the 1.9 110 or 130 engines.
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