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My MINI 11 plate with 15,552 miles had its service and mot at MINI Salisbury yesterday. I was advised when I paid the MOT bill that my TLC package had run our and I duly renewed it on the spot for another 3 years. Upon looking at my paperwork my Mini TLC certificate clearly states the following. With MINI tlc your MINI has the luxury of going all-inclusive, with all your servicing requirements fully covered for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first. Now my car is not 4 years old until August and I am no where near the 50,000 milestone and their paperwork clearly says which ever milestone is reached first. I call mini Salisbury back and they said I had used up all of my services that were available in the mini TLC package, she then pointed out that some cars use up their allocated services within 2 years of course because they reach the milestone of 50,000 miles but I am no where near that and my Mini has only been serviced as and when it has asked for the services yearly. Therefore how can I have used up all of my 5 years worth of servicing. I am complaining direct to Mini and cancelling the extra TLC package I purchased yesterday until I get a good explanation as to why a 5 year package or 50,000 miles only lasts for 3 yrs 11 months and 15,552 miles If you have any insight on this or warn other Mini owners of this it wold be appreciated
I'd have another look at the small print. TLC only provides the barest minimum of servicing, which can mean only two oil changes in 50,000 miles. But if your service indicator has been coming up with the need for a service every year, that is classified as 'heavy duty' usage because the car does a lot of stop/start work which contaminates the oil. The up side is that if you have had 3 services, each of which included an oil change, then your engine should be in healthy condition. If it had only had one oil change in 4 years, then it wouldn't be. You should also compare the standard prices of the three services the car has had and you will probably find that would come to a lot more than you paid for TLC.
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