How much should I pay for a cam belt change?

I've had quotes from several garages for replacing the cam belt and water pump on our Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI (registered Jan 2012). The mileage is approx 69,000. The highest quote is £599 the lowest £320. The difference in price seems strange. Obviously I want to go with the lowest quote, and it is from a reputable garage, but do you think this is a legit price?
I had my timing belt and waterpump replaced on a small FIAT at a FIAT dealership for £300 + VAT (so actually £360), and thought that's as good as it gets.

As longs as the same OEM Manufacturer parts are used then the difference would be accounted for in a lower labour cost. Labour cost is not the actual cost of the labour. It covers that and the cost of the premises, electricity, rates, and support staff such as service managers, parts managers, receptionists, etc. at a dealership.
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