Should we keep or trade in our old Ford Galaxy?

My son is wanting to change his Ford Galaxy 2.0 diesel. The car is a 2007 model and has great bodywork, with 96,000 miles from new and dealer maintained. His logic is it must be at end of its useful life and most of his mates are changing their vehicles regularly with PCP. He cannot afford outright purchase at present but can in a couple of years, my advice is to stay with Galaxy for two years then buy new again. With luck the engine should last. But does it have DPF and is it chain or belt?
Luck has smiled on him, but it's now at the sort of age when lots of things could go expensively wrong, leaving him spending thousands that he can never get back. Yes, it has a DPF and a DMF and a timing belt and a turbo, all of which may need replacing soon (though it may be possible to clean the DPF using the Ceramex process).

A PCP lands him with a regular payment every month and a new vehicle that remains under warranty and should need no more than routine servicing. In three years it may not even need a tyre change. £32,000 for a new vehicle worth maybe £2000 after 9 years works out at £278 a month + tyres, battery, brakes, timing belts, etc; say realistically £300 a month. So if the PCP is less than that he's quids in.
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