Why won't Vauxhall offer goodwill towards repairing my Astra Twintop's roof?

I would like you to make all your Vauxhall purchasers aware that if they do not have their cars serviced by Vauxhall dealers then any goodwill gestures regarding warranty will not be forthcoming, although they say that they also take mileage in to account. I have a low mileage (under 20,000) Astra Twintop three months out of warranty, in which one of the motors for the roof has failed and they are not willing to offer any sort of goodwill gesture. This is in addition to all the other problems which have plagued the vehicle while under warranty. My husband also drives a Vauxhall, in actual fact we have purchased three in three years, and even the suggestion of losing two customers made no impact. I am really pleased that they can afford to lose customers so easily as even a small gesture would have been appreciated.
That's only to be expected and perfectly fair and reasonable of both Vauxhall and its dealers. I do in fact make the general warning at: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/warranty-servicing
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