What are the service requirements of my Ford Zetec-powered Westfield SEiW?

I've just been fortunate enough to have been given a Westfield SEiW fitted with Ford 1800 engine. The car was built in 2004/5 and first registered in December 2005, and has covered just under 500 miles since then. Are there any essential maintenance tasks I should complete to avoid issues such as cam belt failures etc? The Westfield manual is fairly vague on preventative maintenance and is scheduled-based on mileage rather than time limits. Any links to useful websites would also be appreciated.
You could probably get a Haynes manual for a Ford that uses the 1.8 Zetec engine (Focus) which would be useful for maintenance. It's worth posting something in the Technical Matters section of the Backroom Forum where there are plenty of Ford enthusiasts who will be able to give you some detailed advice: honestjohn.co.uk/forum/threads.htm?f=4
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