What are the servicing intervals for a motorhome?

I am to take delivery soon of a newly registered motorhome based on a Ford 2.2 diesel engine and chassis. It is an old model and is between one and two years old, although only having done delivery miles. What would you recommend the servicing to be? Would you have the engine oil changed before delivery and secondly, based on using the motorhome for around 6000 miles per year. Should I have a service done annually or before each major trip?
This is basically a commercial vehicle designed to do 200,000 miles in four years, then be disposed of. So all the problems will be those associated with leaving a vehicle unused, which are mostly condensation in the engine, drivetrain, exhaust system and braking system and damp in the electrics.

Good idea to change the oil and filter and do a brake fluid contamination check, and certainly a wise precaution to carry out a full service before each major outing, especially if these will be 2000 mile trips. Also a good idea to apply some additional rustproofing because LCVs are not rustproofed to car standards.
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