My Alfa Romeo 156's cam belt failed and damaged the engine - was the timing belt replaced properly at service?

I own an Alfa Romeo 156 diesel which was bought through the local dealership. I have maintained a full service history through the dealership and the car is now six years old with 66,000 on the clock. The manufacturer's warranty has expired. While driving on the motorway, I suffered a complete engine failure whereby I lost all power, and the problem was later diagnosed as being a cam belt failure which has damaged the whole of the engine. A new cam belt should have been fitted at the 36,000 service and was not due to be changed until 72,000 service. Please can you advise whether or not I am liable to pay for the repairs needed to the vehicle?
At a guess the water pump was not replaced when the timing belt was replaced. It needed to be, because water pump failure flings off the timing belt.
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