Should we have our cars serviced annually despite low mileage?

I was told some time ago that the rule of thumb for servicing a car was mileage or annually, whichever came first. As I am a low mileage driver (38,000 in eight years) I therefore take my car to be serviced annually. However, my husband has an '04 Mercedes-Benz Avantgarde and when it was out of warranty I suggested the annual service (he also does low mileage now that he is retired), rather than waiting for the car to tell him when a service was due. He has reluctantly agreed to this but I am just wondering if I was given best advice initially on servicing?
Yes, every year is best advice. Also safest because while he is changing the oil the fitter might find a fault with the braking system for example, that could kill you. Yes, the MoT will find this too, but may be at a different time of year.
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