Does my wife's Suzuki Jimny need a timing belt change at 48,000 miles?

I have a Ford Fusion 2004 model with the 1400cc Duratec Engine - does this have a timing belt or a chain? I can't seem to find an answer on the internet. Its done 62,000 miles. Also my wife has a Suzuki Jimny registered Sept 1997. I believe it has a 1300cc VVT M13aa engine. Does this have a timing chain or a belt? When I purchased it, the salesman agreed to a belt change as part of the deal, then later on he said it had a chain and didn't need a belt change. It's done 48,000 miles.
Belt. The salesman was either stupid or lied. It's quite long lasting and does not have a reputation for coming off prematurely, but I'd still start thinking of having a belt and tensioner change.
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