Must I fit replacement injectors and fuel pump to my 2003 Mondeo?

I have a 2003 Mondeo 2.0TDCI which has just turned 100,000 on the clock and well maintained. The computer warning light has been coming on periodically over the last few years but now is getting more frequent, sometimes leading to engine failure. This seems to happen more often in the winter months. I have been told that replacement injectors and fuel pump will be the only remedy to cure this. I currently use the top grade diesel with a fuel additive put in before I fill up. Other than spending the Ford estimate of £1500, bearing in mind the age of the car, I would be most grateful for your comments
I'm sorry, I don't see an easy answer to this. On the evidence I'm now receiving, unless you are very lucky, the economic life of a Mondeo III is about nine years, after which the repair costs can become greater than the car's value.
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