Is my Corsa's two-year service and MoT package worth the money?

12 months ago I bought a three-year-old Corsa from my local Evans Halshaw in Horsforth, Leeds. At the time there were promotional offers, and I opted for a two year service and MoT package for approximately £250. This week the car was returned for said service and MoT (which it passed). The "service" has turned our to be a cursory visual inspection with only the engine oil changed. On questioning this the receptionist told me that the salesman had been disingenuous and oversold what was included. Not so. In writing it clearly states I have paid for two annual service and two MoTs. Have I been conned?
Significantly, you actually got an oil and filter change, which is not included in every service in many so-called ‘service contracts’. If you get two MoTs at £50+, and two oil and filter changes, usually £75+, then the deal has not been too bad.
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