Why do some Volkswagen dealers charge more for servicing than others?

I bought a new Volkswagen Golf 1.4TSI in 2009 and the first three years' servicing was covered by a Service Plan. When I called the dealer to book my next service and MoT, I was quoted a price of £429. This was after a 15 per cent ‘dealer loyalty scheme discount’. I queried the price, and was told by the dealer that it was correct, but they would ‘price-match’ if I could get a cheaper quote elsewhere, as long as the service included original Volkswagen parts. I called another Volkswagen dealership and was quoted £319 for the service and MoT. This dealer said that was the price under the Volkswagen Fixed Price Service Plan, plus a discounted price for the MoT. I went back to the original dealer and asked why his price was so much higher. The Service Manager told me that the price was incorrect. He went on to say that although they had not “opted in” to the Fixed Price Plan, they would match the other dealer’s price. He also told me that under Volkswagen’s Menu Pricing, a major service is £495 (approximately what I was originally quoted before the loyalty discount). If I had not queried the price and shopped around, I would have been paying far more than necessary for the service.
Volkswagen dealers are all independent and a very mixed bag. Some excellent. Some not. What this tells me is to avoid the one who quoted you £429 and go to the honest one.
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