Do I need to replace my Mazda 3's DPF?

My 4-year-old Mazda 3 1.6 diesel has done 63,000 trouble-free miles. I live in the country so don't do many short trips (the nearest shop is 7 miles away). I am told by the Mazda dealer that my next service (75,000 miles) involves replacing the DPF at considerable cost. Is this necessary? Or should I plough on until it fails? Also, at what mileage does the timing belt need replacing? I always buy diesels and run them for about 150,000 miles but am worried about the modern versions. Should I get rid now whilst the going is good?
Don't replace the DPF unless you have to. This car has a PSA/Ford diesel engine and might be fitted with an Eolys regenerated DPF. If so, the Eolys fluid probably needs replenishing.
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