Is my Volkswagen Golf 1.4TSI likely to suffer from DSG problems?

I have a Volkswagen Golf 1.4TSI DSG. I have just been on Twitter and a couple of forums and found out that problems are appearing in France and Denmark, and that Volkswagen have said DSG problems in Asia Pacific were related to heat, humidity and stop-start traffic, so will not affect Europe. It is a worry as I am not certain I want to drive it and experience the power loss on the outside lane of the motorway with no brake lights showing, as many others have. This seems to be the second thing that happens after the juddering.
The main problem (which is nothing like universal) seems to be with the dry clutch 7-speed DSG. The more robust wet clutch 6-speed DSG and wet clutch 7-speed DSG don't seem to suffer the problem, but do require the maintenance of fresh fluid and microfilter every 2 - 3 years or every 40,000 miles.
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