Why does my Megane's drive shaft need replacing after the garage changed the gaiters earlier this year?

I have a 2009 Renault Megane 1.6 Dynamique 5-door, mileage 44,750. It has a full service / MOT history with my local Renault garage. At the MoT in April they renewed both rubber gaiters on the constant velocity joints, having cleaned and re-greased the joints. The right-hand driveshaft now needs replacing for which they have quoted £437.22 for the part and £146.88 labour, plus VAT, total £700.92. I would welcome your opinion.
The garage noticed a fault that is an MoT failure and corrected it. The problem is, the failed gaiters had already lost the lubrication they contained for the CV joints and allowed moisture in. So that caused the ultimate demise of the CV joint. Had the failed gaiters been spotted and replaced earlier then the driveshaft may have survived. Obviously the more steering lock you use, the more convolution you put the driveshaft through and the greater chance of splitting a gaiter
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