Why did my Citroen C5's engine fail after the turbocharger was replaced?

At 32,000 miles and ten months out of warranty, the turbo bearing failed on my 1.6HDi Citroen C5. The turbo was replaced by an official Citroen repairer and the engine flushed twice as required by Citroen. The cost was covered by Warranty Direct. About two weeks latter, the Low Oil Pressure warning appeared. Tests showed a blocked oilway. The only certain repair was to fit a new engine. Warranty Direct rejected the claim as "not a sudden or unexpected failure". It was due to me. However, Citroen UK supplied a new engine and the car was returned to me at no cost - an amazing result. Is there a lubrication fault in this widely used engine? Mine had four oil/filter changes in its first 30,000 miles so the problem was not due to poor maintenance. Thanks also to Dryden Citroen, Bristol Road South.
Yes. What happens is that, due to switching off the engine before the turbo has cooled sufficiently, the oil in the turbo bearing carbonises. But it also carbonises inside the end of the oil feed pipe to the turbo and unless this is replaced at the same time as the turbo there is insufficient oil supply to the new turbo bearing. What seems to have happened in your case is that the two oil flushes loosened a lump of carbon in the oilways and this moved along them until it blocked one. Please include Dryden Citroen in good-garage-guide.honestjohn.co.uk
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