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I have a 2004 Volkswagen 2.0i Passat, bought new from Ingrams dealers in Ayr, now with 84,000 miles, maintained since new by Ingrams of Ayr. The car has been serviced regularly at Ingrams, and after its last service I received a call from their bodyshop, indicating that two new front wings were required due to 'inside corrosion', which could not be seen from the outside of the car. The replacement panels took two days to complete, and were done free of charge, due to warranty agreements. Such customer service I feel is exceptional. What other car company would carry out such a replacement free of charge on a 9-year-old car, especially considering that I had no knowledge of the defect until the dealer informed me? Compliments to Ingrams I think.
The car has a 12-year no rust through body warranty so, despite the harsh winter conditions under which the car has run, Volkswagen was compelled to fix it. Very good of the dealer to check for this though and to push the claim through. Please enter the dealer in the Good Garage Guide here:

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