Why doesn't Vauxhall's service plan include brake fluid?

I wonder why a pre-paid Vauxhall Servicing Plan would exclude brake fluid? I've spoken to Vauxhall "Customer Care" whose attitude was that it is a matter between the car owner and franchise. I've spoken to the franchise. The service manager says that although Vauxhall recommends brake fluid be changed at the 40,000-mile service, it is not included in the plan. This seems like a dangerous nonsense to me. How many Vauxhall Servicing Plan owners feel aggrieved at having to part with another £30 on top of their monthly payments (in my case £16.25) and decide not to have the brake fluid changed?
I don't generally recommend service plans precisely because of this sort of thing. The purpose of servicing a car regularly is to help it to last. But many cheap service plans exclude things like annual oil changes and brake fluid changes, so actually work out bad value.
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