Why doesn't your column promote keeping older vehicles on the road?

I have been reading your letters page for many years, but have become increasingly frustrated by your toleration of the view that 'older' cars should be disposed of. Might I remind you that not all of your readers are able to buy a new car every three years? I respectfully request that you attempt to redress the balance between those who need to run their current vehicles, on a tight budget, and those who prefer to sustain the 'throw-away' society that you appear to condone. I don't expect you to turn your letters-page into a car mechanics magazine, but a higher proportion of hints and tips on how to extend the life of older vehicles would be very much appreciated.
It's not tolerance. It's simply a statement of fact. Manufacturers have used politicians to impose ever more stringent regulations on cars that require ever more complex technology that is simply not long-term reliable. I fought the VAG ABS/ESP issue and helped get the cost of fixing that on 3 - 4 year old cars down from £1800 to between £300 and £500, and that's just one example, so don't accuse me of not fighting your corner.
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