If I have my Citroen C4 serviced at an independent garage will it affect my warranty?

I bought a Citroen C4 from a Citroen dealer in 2009. Although it had only 300 miles on the clock it was a secondhand purchase. Since then, all services have been done by the dealer but last year I was dissatisfied with the work at my three year service and first MoT. After a lengthy row with the dealer I was given a 15 per cent discount note for my next bill with them. I have since been recommended a very good local one-man garage who services all makes and does MoT tests. If I go to him for this year's service and MoT how will this affect any warranties on my car?
By the time you go to your local man, your 2009 will be out of warranty anyway. There is an EC ruling that cars remain in three-year warranty if serviced by any legitimate business, but they MUST be serviced precisely to the manufacturer stipulated schedule using manufacturer-approved parts and fluids, otherwise the warranty is void. If a claim arises that might be paid out of goodwill that is unlikely to be forthcoming if the car has not been serviced by a franchise.
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