Is a DSG fault causing problems when I pull away in my 2009 Volkswagen Passat?

I purchased a Volkswagen Passat Sport TDI DSG estate new in March 2009. It has been dealer-serviced since new and now has 35,000 miles on the clock. Over the last six months or so it has developed a habit of often failing to pull away smoothly in first gear. There seems to be a very uneven transfer of power from accelerator to wheels and this produces a jerky acceleration from a start in first gear. On occasion, the car has stalled. Once the car is moving it is smooth through the gears and pulls away well. It does not happen every time but sufficiently often to be very noticeable and annoying. The problem seems more pronounced when the engine is at running temperature and there are a number of stop / starts in traffic. Any ideas please?
These might be DSG maladies. DSGs all need a change of fluid and microfilter every three years at a cost of about £200, so that's where to start. Or they might indicate a sooted-up turbo impeller from too much low speed running.
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