Replacement MINI gear cable unavailable for four months - Any tips please?

Following breakdown of my MINI Cooper hatch 16 with 05 plate in December, I took it to an independent garage for repair. They identified two faulty gear change cables (part no. 25117547369) which they ordered via the North Oxford Garage (MINI-approved dealer) on 18th December. I also called MINI which confirmed that the parts were "on German order" for delivery within five working days. The garage and I heard nothing until January and, on 23rd January, MINI advised that they will not receive the parts in Germany until the end of April. I feel that a four month wait is too long for a spare part, and have explained that this will make it difficult to visit a relative during her chemotherapy and also to do my voluntary work as a bereavement volunteer at a hospice in Oxford. I would like to persuade MINI to assist. Any tips please?
Your problem probably comes from taking it to the independent garage. I'd get the independent to try to pursue other avenues to get the cables. Will note against the other faults in car by car.
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