Faulty gearbox on Mercedes E-Class

I recently bought a 2006 Mercedes-Benz E280 CDI. The independent dealer serviced and MoT'd the car prior to sale and supplied a six month warranty. I knew a gearbox oil and filter change was due, so I had the work done with a local specialist. All was well until last night when travelling down a dual carriageway; I went to accelerate and the car juddered violently, lost all power and there was no kick down function. I pulled over, switched it off and on again and all was well. I took the car back to dealer today and they are demanding to speak with the garage that done the oil change. I fear they are going to try and wriggle out of any responsibility because I had the gearbox serviced after the sale. What do you think?
An automatic transmission oil change on this box has to be carried out by dialysis at precisely the correct temperature and pressure. So this is what the dealer means. You can't just drain the oil and replace it.
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