Can you recommend a simple, easily-maintained replacement for my ageing Citroen 1.9TDi?

I currently drive a Citroen 1.9 TD on a 'P' plate and marital pressure is pushing for a change. The current car has no value. I only do less than 7000 per annum, mostly on short journeys, but need to be able to tow a trailer with a golf buggy (total 720kg) from time to time. Grandchildren mean four doors are essential. I am a simple man and need a simple car. I want to be able to change a bulb without dismantling the car. Could you please point me in the right direction for a suitable car between £5000-£8000?
For your budget you might want to consider something reliable like the latest generation Skoda Octavia (introduced in 2004) which is well built, but not overly complex. It's also very spacious inside, has a large boot (it's a hatchback) and a comfortable interior. For £7000 we've seen a very tidy 2007 1.6 FSI model with less than 25,000 miles.
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